Heart Bloom Installation

The original Heart Bloom installation

Heart Bloom is a participatory live-art installation, which offers the audience a biofeedback experience through mechanical movement, sound, and artistic visualisation. Only when you experience excitement or fear you actually feel your heart beat fast inside our chest. How- ever, without you being aware of it, the heart is continually changing its frequency. Biofeed- back is a technique that measures physiological processes, and rapidly gives back the data to the users, helping them to be aware of their physiological conditions. Each heartbeat trig- gers one movement, creating a line or a dot. The variation of the heart rate is demonstrated by the pen’s behaviour in real time. The overall heart rate variability is reflected by the visual characteristics of the generated flower drawing on paper. Let the heart lead the brush!


20 April: 16 June: RIXc gallery, Riga, Latvia

8 October: TU/eXperience Day, Eindhoven
16 May: Night of the Nerds, Eindhoven
12 May: Europa om de Hoek Kijkdagen, Maastricht

20 December: Christmas drink at Hartstichting, Den Haag
23-30 October: Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
24 September: Manifeest, Amsterdam
18 September: Dierenpark Amesfoort
10 Sepbember: Philips Connect Run, Philips Campus Best
13-16 May: Wanted Design, New York Design Week

26-31 October: Global Grad Show, Dubai Design Week