Research & Design
support a better charity

Design a rewarding experience of giving

From the perspective of the service or activity design, HEART BLOOM gives us a different lens and context to think about design for healthcare and social good. Here, it is a public-spirited activity which empowers community participants to contribute to special social vulnerable groups. HEART BLOOM invite people to listen to, read and care about the story of children with congenital heart disease. How to let people participate in, how they engage in public, how they feel and what they learn, at this stage, we watch that go beyond simple product or system design. In our design practice, HEART BLOOM has been a biofeedback device, a physical visualization tool and will be a creative platform, a public activity, and become a social service.

Design a beautiful form for Charity

From the perspective of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), HEART BLOOM is an exploration of the interaction between our bio-data and the physical visualization as a new way of biofeedback which is beyond the traditional on-screen graphic display. In this project, pen plotter is no longer an out-dated vector-graphics output device, but a real-time interactive drawing machine, which can display medical information through real-time pen behaviors and also visualize the information by its physical paintings on the paper. The biofeedback in the physical-audio-visual form provides the users with a richer interactive experience. Moreover, based on the same bio-sensing hardware and data processing software, the final embodiment of HEART BLOOM might also be an engraved plate, a 3D sculpture, or an embroidered ribbon,which are implemented by various output technologies, such as laser-cutting, 3D printing and digital embroidery.